Description of Common teal

Common teal
Common teal - By Lalit Shastri
Common teal - By Lalit Shastri :: Photo Gallery
InformationCommon teal is a Migratory bird found in India.
Sightings / Found atIn Bhopal it can seen at Van vihar, Shahpura, Prempura, Kaliasoth, Bhadbhada
Scientific NameAnas creeca linnaeus
Common NameCommon teal
Local NameMurghabi
DescriptionWinter visitor throuhgout india, from northern europe and eastern sibera. Flocks on tanks, jheels, marshes. Largely vegetarian. Looks for grains, shoots of rice and marsh plants in thick muddy areas.
IdentificationMale is pencilled greyish, chestnut head, broad metallic green band running backword from eye ro nape. Tricolored wing speculam - black, green and buff. Female is mottled dark, light brown, pale underparts, black and green speculam.
Size38 cm.
Feedinggrain, shoots
Nestwith reeds, rushes on edge of swamps
Egg7-10, cream colored with glossy texture
Calllow toned krit

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