Birding in Bhopal - Birding Spots

Beautiful landscape and greenery all around makes city of Bhopal a suitable place for birding activities. There are some spots like van vihar and shahpura where for definite reasons you can find different species of birds. But there are some other places too that can be looked upon for bird watching.

All efforts have been made to prepare a checklist that provides maximum probability to spot a bird in a particular area. That's the reason why area covered by a spot is also described ie shahpura does not cover entire shahpura but just the lake and its surrounding area. This area has been referred to as 'Birding area'.

Taking into account that we are just amateurs, questions were asked to experts and resource persons, help was sought and only after proper discussion that this list was created. Bird watching camps and various visits to birding locations in a formal or informal way were utilized to identify birds and prepare the list.

Following is the list of birding spots, with their location and description.

MapBirding SpotLocation / Description
1 Map of Bhadbhada Bhadbhada
2 Map of Dhanwantri Park Dhanwantri Park
3 Map of Ekanth Park Ekanth Park
4 Map of Kaliasoth Kaliasoth
5 Map of Kerwa Kerwa
6 Map of Kolar Kolar
7 Map of Prempura Prempura
8 Map of Shahpura Shahpura
9 Map of Sultania Infantry Sultania Infantry
10 Map of Van vihar Van vihar

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