Bird Taxonomy

Taxonomy is the science of identifying and naming a living species with proper classification and hierarchical arrangement. Its a discipline of biology that discovers and define TAXA (a unit) as per rules and nomenclature. In simple words, taxonomy is the process of assigning a scientific name to a plant or a animal.

Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linne) first developed a classification system for all animals in 1758. He divided animal kingdom in smaller groups or seven levels on the basis of common elements. Birds were described as class AVES. Further scientific or zoological names of birds came into existence on the basis of various theories and studies as the most recent is the Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy based on DNA hybridization.

Scientific Name of a bird consists of two parts first being the Genus and other that often describes a prominent feature of the bird. These names are in Latin.

Following is the list of Bird Taxonomy with a link to the list of birds belonging to a particular taxonomy.

1 AccipitriformesBuzzards, condors, eagles, harriers, hawks, kites, osprey, secretary bird, vultures.
2 AnseriformesWaterfowl like ducks, swan, geese.
3 ApodiformesSwifts, hummingbirds, treeswifts.
4 BucerotiformesHornbills
5 CaprimulgiformesNightjars
6 CharadriiformesPlovers and allies
7 CiconiiformesStorks and allies
8 ColiiformesMousebirds
9 ColumbiformesDoves and pigeons
10 CoraciiformesKingfishers
11 CuculiformesCuckoos
12 FalconiformesFalcons
13 GalliformesFowl
14 GaviiformesLoons
15 GruiformesCranes and allies
16 PasseriformesPasserines
17 PelecaniformesPelicans and allies
18 PhoenicopteriformesFlamingos
19 PiciformesWoodpeckers and allies
20 PodicipediformesGrebes
21 ProcellariiformesAlbatrosses, petrels, and allies
22 PsittaciformesParrots and allies
23 PteroclidiformesSandgrouse
24 SphenisciformesPenguins
25 StrigiformesOwls
26 StruthioniformesOstrich, emus, kiwis, and allies
27 TinamiformesTinamous
28 TrochiliformesHummingbirds
29 TrogoniformesTrogons
30 TurniciformesButton-quail
31 UpupiformesHoopoe

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